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Attention Los Gatos Homeowners--SERVPRO Says to Check Your Appliances to Prevent Water Damage

3/18/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Attention Los Gatos Homeowners--SERVPRO Says to Check Your Appliances to Prevent Water Damage SERVPRO Uses Advanced Technology to Grapple with Water Losses in Los Gatos

Broken Seals Allow Water Loss Incidents in Los Gatos Homes

Many appliances are water-fed throughout your Los Gatos home. From the water heater to the dishwasher in the kitchen, these convenience elements are essential to comfortable living. Without the proper upkeep and maintenance, however, they can also be the source of substantial water loss incidents. Something as simple as a damaged or compromised seal intended to prevent water leaking can allow water to flow out unabated until the supply to the appliance gets shut off.

As dire as this situation might be, this water damage for your Los Gatos home is something that requires professional restoration technicians. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that by sopping up the water that they can see that the primary problem has gotten resolved, but water damage often spreads too quickly for conventional cleanup methods to be effective. A wise choice is our SERVPRO professionals, as we can arrive quickly with extraction and drying equipment to help protect your structural elements like flooring and wall materials.

While our team cannot repair the damage to the appliance itself, we can help to clean up and dry out the affected surfaces and materials throughout this area of your property. We have effective extraction equipment that can quickly remove standing water on the flooring. Our moisture detection and thermal imagery cameras can determine the spread of moisture throughout this region of your home to determine the best locations to set up our efficient drying tools.

Drying is a critical element to water damage recovery from larger loss incidents like this. We can set up more than one air mover and a dehumidifier if necessary to double the effectiveness of removing lingering moisture from walls, flooring, and the environment. If the flooring has suffered water penetration and saturation as well, we can install our injecti-dry system to begin removing dampness at a controlled pace.

You cannot predict when appliances might suffer damages to seals and degradation, which can lead to substantial water loss incidents. Our SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno rapid response team can arrive quickly with the expertise and equipment to make a difference fast. Give us a call anytime at (408) 600-2020. "Like it never even happened."

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Mold Damage Keeps Customers away from Los Gatos Malls

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Mold Damage Keeps Customers away from Los Gatos Malls Mold damage will turn away mall customers. SERVPRO Franchise professionals can quickly remediate the mold.

Prevention of Commercial Mold Damage in the Common Areas in Shopping Malls in Los Gatos

Daily cleaning and regular maintenance tasks keep most buildings' maintenance problems from becoming significant hazards. One area that cleaning crews rarely clean include the ceilings of Los Gatos businesses. While bathrooms and walls in common areas stay well-maintained, the uppermost regions can slowly develop darkened areas and patches.  

People visiting malls hope to find great deals on merchandise and expect to do this in a clean environment, free of mold damage in any part of the commercial settings in Los Gatos where they venture. SERVPRO professionals can help with regular maintenance that prevents mold from taking hold and dirtying up any area in your mall.  

Cleaning up mold patches on smooth surfaces, and cleaning the air of spores can help you maintain control over the microbial population in any setting, including retail outlets. Strip malls with areas regularly enduring exposure to the outdoor elements can also become covered in pollution from local industries, traffic, and dust carried on the wind. That same wind can carry spores, allowing them to settle on walls and ceilings, windowsills, and any other surface.  

Our mold remediation specialists remove excess mold, mildew, and other substances that detract from the aesthetics of your property and provide a better shopping experience for your tenants' customers. We are ready to help you with either the preparation process for the application of new paint, or to maintain the common areas, both indoors and on the exterior. Our goal is to prevent mold from damaging structures and to remediate it with as little loss as possible when damage already exists.  

The use of our air scrubbers in interior environments drastically cuts the number of spores as our machines use HEPA filters. Able to grab and contain 99.97% of particles 3 microns or larger floating in the air removes dust and allergens, making the air cleaner and less likely to cause health effects.  

SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno is always ready to help and answers our 24-hour service line, (408) 600-2020, every day of the year. No job is too large or small, and we help maintain and protect businesses of all sizes and kinds in the San Jose, Saratoga, and Cambrian Park areas.

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Los Gatos Property Owners Love How SERVPRO Removes Unwanted Water

2/25/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Los Gatos Property Owners Love How SERVPRO Removes Unwanted Water Why Choose SERVPRO for Los Gatos Water Damage Cleanup? When Completed--this carpet will look "Like it never even happened."

Why SERVPRO Specialists Use Different Attachments When a Home Needs Water Cleanup in Los Gatos

Water that finds its way into a home can create damaged areas and let infestations of mold ruin clothing and other possessions. When an incident happens that places water on your carpeting and rugs, you want someone who can address not only the removal of the water but also any stains that develop because of its presence.
The different capabilities of our attachments help us in restoring a water damaged home in Los Gatos, which is why SERVPRO uses several for the most effective water cleanup experience. Our truck-mounted pumps pull large amounts of water from wherever we place our equipment because of the lengths of the tubing we use. The different attachments, some connected to powered, portable wands help us extract water and moisture from varying materials from soft fabrics to hardwood flooring.
When invasive water causes light-colored carpeting to become stained from either soaked furniture legs or other non-colorfast items that cause slight or significant discoloration to the carpeting, our IICRC certified techs can use a highly specialized attachment that provides excellent results. This attachment, called the claw, concentrates the suction from our pump into a very small area. We treat stains with a unique formula that releases it from the fibers and then extract the liquid with the claw. We then flush the area out again to ensure all traces of both the stain-removing formula and the substances that caused the stain no longer remain. There are circumstances where some staining can be permanent, but we do our best to make it "Like it never even happened."
Other equipment helps us dry wood floors and extract water from below cabinetry. Drying mats and injecti-dry devices are stored on our Green Fleet ready to be deployed for rapid and safe water removal. Wherever water flows, it requires removal and drying equipment to get the area mitigated of current damage and prevent future damage from affecting your home. You can trust SERVPRO to deliver results because we know which methods work in a multitude of situations that might occur in your home.
Contact SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at our 24-hour service line, (408) 600-2020 when you need professionals with IICRC certification to perform water cleanup services. We also offer our mitigation services for homeowners in Saratoga, Campbell, and Lexington Hills.

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Contact Our Crew After A Flood To Avoid Potential Dangers In Your Cambrian Park Home

2/20/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Contact Our Crew After A Flood To Avoid Potential Dangers In Your Cambrian Park Home For questions or our damage mitigation services, call us 24/7 at (408) 600-2020.

Major Hazards Arise From Flood Damage In Cambrian Park

While all natural disasters can carry safety hazards and become a serious risk for any homes and homeowners caught up in them, flood damage in communities like Cambrian Park can catch many people by surprise. Many of the most severe safety hazards associated with the average flood remain unseen while representing a constant or growing threat, but with advance knowledge of what to look out for, you can avoid most or all of the potential health effects of a flood.

Both during and after most flood damage in Cambrian Park, anyone without sufficient personal protective equipment may be at very high risk of illness or infection. Storm floods give microscopic organisms an excellent chance to grow and multiply at unprecedented rates. Mold, bacteria, and other bacteria can cause health effects when exposed to open wounds, and with a high risk of being scratched or cut in a flood-damaged environment, these risks pose such a significant threat that we recommend you never enter a wet area without the permission and guidance of an on-site SERVPRO employee.

Electrocution hazards may be ubiquitous in the aftermath of a flood. Electrical outlets and electronic devices can both send strong electrical currents through anything in contact with a wet area, and in some cases, loose wires may pose additional problems after they are severed by debris carried by flood waters. Particularly strong storms may also knock over power lines, potentially creating a fire and electrocution hazard throughout the entire home. Once again, stay away from wet areas and avoid electronic devices to protect yourself from these threats.

Other Hazards
Floods can cause many more safety complications to arise. Fire hazards can present themselves, gas leaks can create additional threats, and many more unfortunate situations can pose a threat to your health. The best way to safeguard yourself from the unexpected is to wait for a SERVPRO inspector to arrive and evaluate the situation before entering the flood-damaged building.

SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno has the professional equipment and experience necessary to identify and navigate around safety hazards after a flood. For questions or our damage mitigation services, call us 24/7 at (408) 600-2020.

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Don't Let Your Cambrian Park Hardwood Floors Get Damaged By Water, Call In The Experts At SERVPRO!

2/7/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Don't Let Your Cambrian Park Hardwood Floors Get Damaged By Water, Call In The Experts At SERVPRO! When water loss incidents occur, protect your investment in this flooring by calling our SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno experts.

Water Cleanup For Hardwood Floors In Cambrian Park Homes

Renovations and remodeling throughout the Cambrian Park area have seen many homeowners hanging up their insistence on plush carpeting for the sleek and modern look of hardwood flooring. Many DIY enthusiasts have also taken to some of the vinyl and laminate options that look like the graining or texture of hardwood, but are available at a lower cost and with tongue and groove easy installation. Water incidents that occur over this kind of material can begin to affect it quickly, so getting the right professional assistance is vital as promptly as you can.

Of all the troublesome situations that can occur that require water cleanup for your Cambrian Park home, water penetration and absorption into hardwood or laminates can be destructive. Water can find a way to seep into the cracks, crevices, and connection points of plank flooring to reach the subflooring underneath. Even with waterproof flooring options, like what you might install in a bathroom or kitchen, only repel the moisture and dampness for so long before imperfections in the installation allow for penetration and damage to occur.

Our SERVPRO professionals can respond quickly to water loss incidents, as water damage can spread quickly throughout a property. Within hours of exposure, water can breech waterproofed materials and begin to saturate subflooring and soak into the flooring material itself. Without a proper cleanup and drying plan at this point, warping and distortion of the wood can begin within a few days of the initial incident.

Even more pressing than this timeline for water damages that our SERVPRO professionals have to endure, is the tear out and replacement required when our team gets notified of damages too late to salvage the materials.

Hardwood flooring is becoming more and more common in modern construction for its ease of cleaning and sleek appearance. When water loss incidents occur, protect your investment in this flooring by calling our SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno experts. We can respond quickly with the equipment and expertise to clean up the mess and dry out the damage. Call us today at (408) 600-2020.

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Our Experts Explain An Important Step In Our Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Process In Monte Sereno

1/28/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Our Experts Explain An Important Step In Our Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Process In Monte Sereno If you ever have a problem with fire or smoke inside your clothing store, call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno any day of the week.

Commercial Fire Damage Technicians In Monte Sereno Talk About Move Outs

If a fire ever starts inside your Monte Sereno clothing store, or in a retail unit in the same building, it is possible your business could get damaged. Even smoke coming from a burn next door could create a situation that could require you to call in a professional commercial fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO. Smoke can penetrate through building materials and still negatively affect the items for sale in your store. Since clothes are made out of fabric which is a very porous material, smoke particles can penetrate deep into them and cause burnt aromas to prevail. One major part of commercial fire damage mitigation is often eliminating odors from contents inside your business.

To do the most efficient job of removing foul aromas from both your building materials and contents, our SERVPRO technicians sometimes complete the deodorization of your building materials and store products in separate locations. Our goal when mitigating any commercial fire damage project in Monte Sereno is to return your building to the way it was before the fire burned "Like it never even happened." To accomplish this task, we first inspect the situation and mitigate any potential safety hazards. If there are items that could fall we remove them, so they are not a threat. If there are any dangers such as electrical shorts, then we call in a certified contractor to repair the issue.

If we decide to move your contents out of your company's building, then we begin the move out process before any other work commences. To start, we begin packing up your dirty items and putting them in labeled boxes. We then construct an inventory system that keeps track of what is in each box and where the item was originally placed.

Next, we move your items to a clean and disinfected location to conduct the soot removal. After all of the items are cleaned, we move them back to your place of business and put them in the exact location that they were originally located. If you ever have a problem with fire or smoke inside your clothing store, call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020 any day of the week.

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What Few People Know About Flood Damage Remediation in Los Gatos

1/20/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What Few People Know About Flood Damage Remediation in Los Gatos Flooding can happen very quickly and affect many rooms in your home. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation options.

Sooner or Later Los Gatos Residents Must Gear Up for Flood Damage

Changing weather patterns in Los Gatos and elsewhere make one thing certain -- a homeowner can never be sure when to expect flood waters. Taking the time to evaluate your storage decisions and the vulnerabilities of your electronics, utilities, and other systems is a wise idea in any season, but in anticipation of a flooding scenario is crucial. Rely on the training and expertise we hold to help you make sensible and practical decisions to avoid significant damage during flooding.

Flood damage in Los Gatos is an event with which no homeowner can prepare adequately. There are, however, many proactive tasks that can help a property withstand flooding more productively. You need a professional evaluation of any effects on your home if flood waters do intrude but can rest more assured that your valuable and treasured possessions fare better if you anticipate what might happen.

Flooding can occur inside your home due to appliance malfunction or plumbing fails. Take stock of the condition of pipes, hoses, and connections, including the sewer line, and arrange for repairs and replacements if necessary. Consider installing a sump pump to evacuate water quickly and reliably from lower levels if overland flooding or a backup occurs. Even if these measures handle the majority of any flood water remember moisture can remain in porous building materials or hidden recesses. SERVPRO crews use moisture meters and thermal scanners to locate residual water. We also set drying goals and deploy the air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to achieve those marks.

Clear debris from gutters and downspouts, making sure those configurations are appropriately installed and repaired if needed. Reconsider storing articles in the lower levels of your home, taking the opportunity to move items to areas in your home unlikely to suffer from the effects of flood waters. Although SERVPRO does have methods to dry and preserve wet papers, critical documents should find a home in a safe deposit box, and other items that tax your ability to store can be transferred to an offsite storage locker.

Review the specifications of appliances and systems installed in your potential flood area. Discuss ways to protect this essential equipment with the vendors who sold them to you, previous owners, or the builders of your home. Elevating washers, dryers, water heaters, and other machinery can save them from permanent damage if you endure a flood.

SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno pledges to be there to help members of our communities if flooding is an issue. Contact us for an assessment and plan of action at (408) 600-2020.
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Broken Pipes Can Cause Major Damage To Your Cambrian Park Home

1/9/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Broken Pipes Can Cause Major Damage To Your Cambrian Park Home You can reach out to our crew at any time, and we can restore your home promptly so you can get back to life as usual.

Water Removal Services For Your Cambrian Park Home

Burst or broken pipes can be the worst nightmare for you as a homeowner in Cambrian Park. The drywall, flooring, structure, and insulation can all be at risk of costly repairs, especially when fast action is not taken.

Many times, when a pipe bursts or breaks, it happens inside the wall. It is usually very evident that this has happened. You need immediate water cleanup services for your Cambrian Park home at this point from a professional remediation company. SERVPRO can come to your rescue, no matter how extensive the damage is. With a small leak, it may not be evident that something is wrong for days or even weeks. Damage like this that grows over time can also create a mold infestation or even structural damage.

No matter how it happens, when you first notice an issue, turn the water supply off. It is usually found near an outside meter, in a utility room, or the basement. Taking action immediately lowers the volume of water and potential damage.

If possible, find the source of the problem where the fractured or broken pipe is. Doing so helps the SERVPRO technicians address the damage when they arrive at your home. You also need to take precautions if there are large amounts of water pooling and flowing into your home. Just the slightest bit of contact with an outlet, light switch, or electronic equipment can cause you to be electrocuted or shocked. If you cannot safely turn off the water supply, make sure to move your family, yourself, and your pets to safety.

Get in touch with our specialists right away, any time of day or night. We won’t hesitate to get to your property to help you out and return your home to its previous safe, dry condition. If you can safely do so, move any valuable items in the path of the water to a dry place. Drying and sanitizing damaged items is an essential aspect of our restoration process, so if you can prevent contact with water, it is very beneficial.

SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno can help you dry your home in Campbell, Saratoga, or Los Gatos back out after a water damage emergency. You can reach out to our crew at any time by dialing (408) 600-2020, and we can restore your home promptly so you can get back to life as usual.

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How Our Specialized Equipment Can Save Your Fire Damaged Home In Los Gatos

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO How Our Specialized Equipment Can Save Your Fire Damaged Home In Los Gatos During most fire damage situations, smoke can also cause many problems.

Fire Damage Technicians In Los Gatos Talk About The Tools Used During Mitigation

Whenever something burns inside your Los Gatos apartment complex, several units could find that issues exist. During the blaze, several conditions created can cause different types of fire damage to occur. The heat and flames can use your contents and building materials as fuel and destroy the items. Sometimes the heat can partially char objects and only ruin the surface. During most fire damage situations, smoke can also cause many problems.

Smoke can adhere to surfaces of your contents and structural components in the form of soils and soot residues. Smoke can also cause burnt aromas to exist, forcing our SERVPRO technicians to include deodorization as a part of fire damage restoration in Los Gatos. These partially combusted particles can travel throughout your home and sometimes the problems they cause are not visible right away. Smoke can also penetrate porous materials and cause foul odors to exist even if residues are not seen on the item's surface. To mitigate all of the issues related to smoke, our restoration crews use the industry's most advanced technology.

Our SERVPRO team contains members that are IICRC certified and have experience in handling various fire-related situations. Our highly trained team knows about all of the industry's most useful tactics and procedures to eliminate smoke and heat-related damage. We have at our disposal specialized equipment that helps us return your property to preloss conditions.

During an emergency call, our SERVPRO technicians respond quickly as we provide fast 24/7 service. As soon as our professionals arrive at your residence, we begin calculating an initial estimate and assessment. We use specialized equipment from the initial testing phase to the final cleanup stage. We utilize the industry's best chemicals and techniques when cleaning soot residues from surfaces inside your home. If unpleasant aromas still exist after burnt items and soot residues get cleaned and removed, then we can utilize specialized deodorization technology such as ULV foggers and ozone machines.

If you ever notice burnt smells existing inside your apartment, call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020 as soon as you see an issue.

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Dangers Of Mold In Your Los Gatos Home

12/18/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Dangers Of Mold In Your Los Gatos Home  Mold like this needs immediate attention, call SERVPRO today if you see mold like this in your home.

How Important is Fast Mold Removal in Your Los Gatos Home?

When you discover fungal growth in your Los Gatos home, many homeowners do not entirely know what the next step to take is, or whom to call to assist with a situation like this. Moreover, fewer understand the severity of the situation and how allowing it to persist can cause significant damage to their house and even cause health effects for the family. 

Without understanding the severity of mold damage in your Los Gatos home, many homeowners do not react as quickly as they should to the situation. The longer that mold continues to spread and thrive in the affected areas of your home, the more damage it can potentially cause structurally. Depending on the type of mold growth, you could also be releasing mild toxins into the environment which can agitate respiratory conditions in the occupants of the house or cause irritations. Ultimately, it is critical to get professional assistance as quickly as possible when you discover mold growth in your house.

Our SERVPRO professionals can help by arriving quickly and establishing a containment protocol to keep the organism from spreading further by establishing both physical barriers and running equipment like our negative air chambers to catch mold spores circulating in the environment. Once the situation has gotten contained, it is critical for our technicians to work fast to preserve structural elements that can get preserved. Often materials like carpeting and drywall must get removed and replaced, but construction components like framing and flooring bases can often get preserved with the right approach like soda blasting and sanding.

We can even protect further damage within this area by spraying the antimicrobial solution on unaffected materials and surfaces to prevent fungal growth. Taking care of mold growth in your home must happen quickly, as the longer the problem persists the more issues that it can cause.

You can trust that our SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno applied microbial remediation technicians can arrive quickly with the resources to remove active colonies and restore your home. Give us a call today at (408) 600-2020. 

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