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What Few People Know About Flood Damage Remediation in Los Gatos

1/20/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What Few People Know About Flood Damage Remediation in Los Gatos Flooding can happen very quickly and affect many rooms in your home. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation options.

Sooner or Later Los Gatos Residents Must Gear Up for Flood Damage

Changing weather patterns in Los Gatos and elsewhere make one thing certain -- a homeowner can never be sure when to expect flood waters. Taking the time to evaluate your storage decisions and the vulnerabilities of your electronics, utilities, and other systems is a wise idea in any season, but in anticipation of a flooding scenario is crucial. Rely on the training and expertise we hold to help you make sensible and practical decisions to avoid significant damage during flooding.

Flood damage in Los Gatos is an event with which no homeowner can prepare adequately. There are, however, many proactive tasks that can help a property withstand flooding more productively. You need a professional evaluation of any effects on your home if flood waters do intrude but can rest more assured that your valuable and treasured possessions fare better if you anticipate what might happen.

Flooding can occur inside your home due to appliance malfunction or plumbing fails. Take stock of the condition of pipes, hoses, and connections, including the sewer line, and arrange for repairs and replacements if necessary. Consider installing a sump pump to evacuate water quickly and reliably from lower levels if overland flooding or a backup occurs. Even if these measures handle the majority of any flood water remember moisture can remain in porous building materials or hidden recesses. SERVPRO crews use moisture meters and thermal scanners to locate residual water. We also set drying goals and deploy the air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to achieve those marks.

Clear debris from gutters and downspouts, making sure those configurations are appropriately installed and repaired if needed. Reconsider storing articles in the lower levels of your home, taking the opportunity to move items to areas in your home unlikely to suffer from the effects of flood waters. Although SERVPRO does have methods to dry and preserve wet papers, critical documents should find a home in a safe deposit box, and other items that tax your ability to store can be transferred to an offsite storage locker.

Review the specifications of appliances and systems installed in your potential flood area. Discuss ways to protect this essential equipment with the vendors who sold them to you, previous owners, or the builders of your home. Elevating washers, dryers, water heaters, and other machinery can save them from permanent damage if you endure a flood.

SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno pledges to be there to help members of our communities if flooding is an issue. Contact us for an assessment and plan of action at (408) 600-2020.
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Broken Pipes Can Cause Major Damage To Your Cambrian Park Home

1/9/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Broken Pipes Can Cause Major Damage To Your Cambrian Park Home You can reach out to our crew at any time, and we can restore your home promptly so you can get back to life as usual.

Water Removal Services For Your Cambrian Park Home

Burst or broken pipes can be the worst nightmare for you as a homeowner in Cambrian Park. The drywall, flooring, structure, and insulation can all be at risk of costly repairs, especially when fast action is not taken.

Many times, when a pipe bursts or breaks, it happens inside the wall. It is usually very evident that this has happened. You need immediate water cleanup services for your Cambrian Park home at this point from a professional remediation company. SERVPRO can come to your rescue, no matter how extensive the damage is. With a small leak, it may not be evident that something is wrong for days or even weeks. Damage like this that grows over time can also create a mold infestation or even structural damage.

No matter how it happens, when you first notice an issue, turn the water supply off. It is usually found near an outside meter, in a utility room, or the basement. Taking action immediately lowers the volume of water and potential damage.

If possible, find the source of the problem where the fractured or broken pipe is. Doing so helps the SERVPRO technicians address the damage when they arrive at your home. You also need to take precautions if there are large amounts of water pooling and flowing into your home. Just the slightest bit of contact with an outlet, light switch, or electronic equipment can cause you to be electrocuted or shocked. If you cannot safely turn off the water supply, make sure to move your family, yourself, and your pets to safety.

Get in touch with our specialists right away, any time of day or night. We won’t hesitate to get to your property to help you out and return your home to its previous safe, dry condition. If you can safely do so, move any valuable items in the path of the water to a dry place. Drying and sanitizing damaged items is an essential aspect of our restoration process, so if you can prevent contact with water, it is very beneficial.

SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno can help you dry your home in Campbell, Saratoga, or Los Gatos back out after a water damage emergency. You can reach out to our crew at any time by dialing (408) 600-2020, and we can restore your home promptly so you can get back to life as usual.

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How Our Specialized Equipment Can Save Your Fire Damaged Home In Los Gatos

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO How Our Specialized Equipment Can Save Your Fire Damaged Home In Los Gatos During most fire damage situations, smoke can also cause many problems.

Fire Damage Technicians In Los Gatos Talk About The Tools Used During Mitigation

Whenever something burns inside your Los Gatos apartment complex, several units could find that issues exist. During the blaze, several conditions created can cause different types of fire damage to occur. The heat and flames can use your contents and building materials as fuel and destroy the items. Sometimes the heat can partially char objects and only ruin the surface. During most fire damage situations, smoke can also cause many problems.

Smoke can adhere to surfaces of your contents and structural components in the form of soils and soot residues. Smoke can also cause burnt aromas to exist, forcing our SERVPRO technicians to include deodorization as a part of fire damage restoration in Los Gatos. These partially combusted particles can travel throughout your home and sometimes the problems they cause are not visible right away. Smoke can also penetrate porous materials and cause foul odors to exist even if residues are not seen on the item's surface. To mitigate all of the issues related to smoke, our restoration crews use the industry's most advanced technology.

Our SERVPRO team contains members that are IICRC certified and have experience in handling various fire-related situations. Our highly trained team knows about all of the industry's most useful tactics and procedures to eliminate smoke and heat-related damage. We have at our disposal specialized equipment that helps us return your property to preloss conditions.

During an emergency call, our SERVPRO technicians respond quickly as we provide fast 24/7 service. As soon as our professionals arrive at your residence, we begin calculating an initial estimate and assessment. We use specialized equipment from the initial testing phase to the final cleanup stage. We utilize the industry's best chemicals and techniques when cleaning soot residues from surfaces inside your home. If unpleasant aromas still exist after burnt items and soot residues get cleaned and removed, then we can utilize specialized deodorization technology such as ULV foggers and ozone machines.

If you ever notice burnt smells existing inside your apartment, call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020 as soon as you see an issue.

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Dangers Of Mold In Your Los Gatos Home

12/18/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Dangers Of Mold In Your Los Gatos Home  Mold like this needs immediate attention, call SERVPRO today if you see mold like this in your home.

How Important is Fast Mold Removal in Your Los Gatos Home?

When you discover fungal growth in your Los Gatos home, many homeowners do not entirely know what the next step to take is, or whom to call to assist with a situation like this. Moreover, fewer understand the severity of the situation and how allowing it to persist can cause significant damage to their house and even cause health effects for the family. 

Without understanding the severity of mold damage in your Los Gatos home, many homeowners do not react as quickly as they should to the situation. The longer that mold continues to spread and thrive in the affected areas of your home, the more damage it can potentially cause structurally. Depending on the type of mold growth, you could also be releasing mild toxins into the environment which can agitate respiratory conditions in the occupants of the house or cause irritations. Ultimately, it is critical to get professional assistance as quickly as possible when you discover mold growth in your house.

Our SERVPRO professionals can help by arriving quickly and establishing a containment protocol to keep the organism from spreading further by establishing both physical barriers and running equipment like our negative air chambers to catch mold spores circulating in the environment. Once the situation has gotten contained, it is critical for our technicians to work fast to preserve structural elements that can get preserved. Often materials like carpeting and drywall must get removed and replaced, but construction components like framing and flooring bases can often get preserved with the right approach like soda blasting and sanding.

We can even protect further damage within this area by spraying the antimicrobial solution on unaffected materials and surfaces to prevent fungal growth. Taking care of mold growth in your home must happen quickly, as the longer the problem persists the more issues that it can cause.

You can trust that our SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno applied microbial remediation technicians can arrive quickly with the resources to remove active colonies and restore your home. Give us a call today at (408) 600-2020. 

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What Few People Know About Commercial Fire Damage Remediation in Los Gatos

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial What Few People Know About Commercial Fire Damage Remediation in Los Gatos If your popular restaurant suffers from fire damage, your best recourse is to contact SERVPRO for efficient fire damage remediation services.

Kitchen Fire Damage in your Los Gatos Restaurant? SERVPRO has you Covered

A restaurant manager has 101 things to keep an eye on and something as devastating as a kitchen-fire can often be too much to deal with by yourself. Kitchens deal with naked flames on a daily basis, so it is not uncommon for accidents to happen. The damages caused by smoke though can travel far beyond the kitchen, into ventilation chimneys or worse the dining room. You need a professional service to restore the property and minimize the loss of revenue. We provide this service using locally based technicians that hold IICRC certificates in restoration of properties after damage.

As an area famed for fine dining, commercial fire damage in Los Gatos can send your loyal customers to the competition if you do not resolve it quickly. SERVPRO is a local restoration service with a team of highly trained technicians at our disposal. On receiving your call, we can immediately send them to your location. Each team is led by a dedicated project manager who can communicate with you every step of the way.

The damages associated with kitchen fires are rarely confined to the kitchen. Smoke travels into clean air pockets and can spread rapidly around your commercial property. Depending on the types of material burning and the temperatures involved soot deposits could be relatively easy to clean or extremely difficult. Thankfully, SERVPRO technicians have training in remediating both wet and dry smoke.

By using a multi-tier approach, we can help to remove smoke from your walls and ceilings as well as restoring your furnishings, tables, and seating. We achieve this using a variety of cleaning products including foam cleaning, to lift soot that absorbs into fabrics to abrasive cleaning methods to remove charring from the structure. Where there are valuable materials, we can utilize soda or ice blasting to cause minimal damage to the surface.

Getting you back to business is our number one concern. Contact SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020 to begin.

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San Jose Weathers Another Storm-Induced Setback by Calling SERVPRO for Cleanup

11/20/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage San Jose Weathers Another Storm-Induced Setback by Calling SERVPRO for Cleanup SERVPRO Saves Storm and Flood Damaged Homes in San Jose

Can Unexpected Flood Damage Affect San Jose Again?

Residents remember the fear and damage of the Coyote Creek flooding in San Jose within the last couple of years. The chances are good that our community may suffer a similar disaster, or that individuals might find their homes swimming in water because of interior plumbing or appliance fails. No matter how your home becomes a flood target, we have the technicians and equipment to return your dwelling to preloss condition.

San Jose flood damage demands the professionalism and resources of our team of IICRC-trained technicians and experienced project managers. Flood damage can be severe, but when well-prepared crew uses research-based strategies and innovative equipment and products the outcome of remediation can be successful. Our focus is always to restore rather than demolish and rebuild, the goal making if “Like it never even happened.”

One thing to avoid when dealing with flood damage is a wait-and-see attitude. The SERVPRO team has the best results when homeowners invite us to assess the situation, devise a plan, and move toward implementation within hours of the crisis. The longer water remains undisturbed in various spaces of your home, the more likely that building materials disintegrate, mold growth threatens, and odors proliferate.

Flood waters from weather systems or overflowing waterways pose significant contamination issues. Fast action is necessary to contain and remove this type of moisture as it exposes the inhabitants of your home to the risk of pathogens. When SERVPRO removes the water with our commercial pumps and extractors, we might need to contain and dispose of it following local hazardous water disposal rules.

Even relatively clean water that fills you home after a water heater rupture or supply line leak can transform to gray or black water within a day or two. The debris loosened by the water, spores always on surfaces or airborne, and the passage of time encourages microbial growth. SERVPRO recommends standing water removal as soon as possible, supported by the pumps and extractors we carry on every service vehicle.

After the flood waters exit the scene, SERVPRO crews work on structural drying and sanitization to return your premises to preloss condition. We use EPA registered antimicrobials, and the skills learned in IICRC courses to achieve these goals, measuring the moisture content of structure during drying and repositioning air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to create the most efficient balance, so excess water in all its forms is collected and discarded.

SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno is ready to assist if floods damage your home. Call our office at (408) 600-2020 to set up an assessment without delay.

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SERVPRO, Water Leaks in Bathrooms, and Happy Homeowners in San Jose

11/15/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage SERVPRO, Water Leaks in Bathrooms, and Happy Homeowners in San Jose Ignore Water Leak Clean Up and Restoration and this Is What Can Happen! SERVPRO Says Call Us in San Jose for Help

A Leak in Your San Jose Bathroom Can Cause Water Damage to the Floor and More

It is never a pleasant experience to find water damage inside your home. Water loss can be costly to fix, but the problem only becomes more expensive as you let it progress. When the piping responsible for bringing water into your bathroom begins to leak, it can cause damage to the floor inside of the room. The quicker that you address this problem and fix the leak, the faster you can call for assistance with the water damage inside your bathroom.
It is imperative to have the water damage inside your San Jose bathroom remediated as soon as possible so it cannot become the breeding ground of microbial growth. Mold can begin to grow where extra moisture is present in just three day's time. The faster that you get professionals in your home to remediate the damage, the less likely this is for mold to grow and the more likely it is that a smooth remediation can take place.
When you get in contact with SERVPRO, we make it a priority to arrive at the job site as quickly as we can. We know your time is valuable and how swiftly damage can escalate. Once we arrive, our Estimator can go over the damage with you and your insurance adjuster, if one is applicable and answer any questions that you have.
After the initial investigation, our SERVPRO techs can begin to set up an environment that is ideal for drying out your bathroom with the help of advanced equipment. We can use desiccant dehumidifiers, axial fans, and air movers in combination to draw the moisture out of your floorboards and to create an environment that encourages evaporation. Rapid removal can prevent the seepage of water to other levels and causing secondary damage.
Furthermore, SERVPRO can use thermal imaging technology to look for any pockets of moisture in your floorboards where water could have collected, and then remove it. Once the drying process has been finished, our technicians can use moisture meters to ensure that the levels in your bathroom have returned to an acceptable rate.
Found water damage inside of your home? Reach out for restoration services immediately. Get in touch with SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno by dialing (408) 600-2020.

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Let SERVPRO do the Heavy Lifting After a Fire in Your Los Gatos Home

11/7/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Let SERVPRO do the Heavy Lifting After a Fire in Your Los Gatos Home Fires start small and grow unless extinguished. Call SERVPRO's highly trained technicians to restore your home to its preloss condition.

Heavy Equipment Helps SERVPRO Take Down Fire Damage in Los Gatos

Reversing fire damage in a Los Gatos home can be a daunting task even for those familiar with the correct steps and processes without the equipment necessary to handle the job. SERVPRO's ability to tap into a national network of resources, education, and specialty equipment allow us to handle fire damages on a large scale. Other companies sometimes shy away from or fail to adequately restore damage caused by more significant fires because they lack the sort of heavy-duty tools and equipment we use, as well as the training necessary to operate them with maximum efficiency.

The SERVPRO Arsenal

We never show up to a fire damaged home in Los Gatos without adequate equipment and preparation. Depending on the path the fire takes, we may need to bring in any number of specialized machines and cleaning techniques. Water damage from sprinklers and hoses can compound problems in burned regions, but our fast-drying air movers and dehumidifiers can remove moisture before mold damage, and other complications can arise. We stock a variety of mops, brooms, brushes, and other tools specifically designed to pick up ash and other fire residues without causing damage to the materials lying underneath the damage. On top of that, we use innovative cleaning chemicals to remove even the smallest traces of fire damage still present in your home.

The Workforce Powering the Tools

In years past, fire restoration professionals could be given only a few hours worth of training before being sent out to help repair damage to people's homes. Today, however, our technicians receive weeks of training before ever being allowed to help out on a restoration project. SERVPRO's expert crews are trained and educated on every aspect of their equipment and know the in's and out's of everything they might use. We spare no expense in getting the right person on the right tool to help restore your home to the same way it was before the fire.

SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno is one of the most well-stocked and heavily-manned damage mitigation and restoration companies in the state. Call us at (408) 600-2020.

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What Few People Know About How Floodwaters in Cambrian Park Affect the Structure of Your Home

10/28/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What Few People Know About How Floodwaters in Cambrian Park Affect the Structure of Your Home Regardless of the source of the flooding in your home, contact SERVPRO to remove the water and remediate any remaining damage.

The Dangers of Floodwaters in Your Cambrian Park Home

While the primary effects of disasters affecting your Cambrian Park home might seem substantial enough, these are rarely the only things that a homeowner has to worry about when working towards recovery of the damage. As our technicians have seen through flooding situations that have affected the area, floodwaters often pose risks stretching well beyond the high volume of water inside your residence.

Flood damages to your Cambrian Park home are often difficult to determine at first. While the primary effect is evident, there are secondary effects and impacts to the structural integrity of your home and its contents that have yet to get accurately assessed. Once our SERVPRO team arrives, we can get to work on the extraction of the pooled water through truck-mounted pumps that pull water from the affected areas fast. Once the bulk of the excess water has gotten removed, our technicians can assess the full scope of the damage to your home.

While the water effects prove the most problematic, requiring many pieces of equipment to reach wall cavities and inaccessible areas to ensure moisture levels return to acceptable parameters, drying is only part of the remaining problem to face. Floodwaters often carry debris, dirt, and mud into your home along with the rushing water, soiling surfaces, flooring, and carpets. Our SERVPRO technicians have deep cleaning equipment to help overcome these effects and clean up the mess that the flood has left behind.

Structural concerns also get assessed once the drying process is underway. While our focus is preservation over demolition, overly saturated walls weaken quickly. Even with the advanced equipment at our disposal, reconstruction is often part of the flood recovery process for many homes.

As much as you might want to overcome the effects of a flood in your home immediately, restoration is an involved process that requires precision and expertise. Our SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno rapid response team can help to mitigate your loss in these situations and work efficiently to ensure that restoration does not take a second longer than necessary. Give our team a call anytime that you need us at (408) 600-2020.

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How Our Experts Identify Mold Growing In Your San Jose Home

10/19/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO How Our Experts Identify Mold Growing In Your San Jose Home One of the vital things to remember about mold damage in your San Jose home is that it is preventable.

Identifying Mold Growth in Your San Jose Home

Many San Jose homeowners battle recurring issues like moisture and dampness throughout parts of their home and even underneath it. What makes situations like this so problematic is the potential for hazards like mold growth to occur with little warning or time required. In a matter of a few days, mold spores in the environment can interact with this persistent moisture and colonize.

One of the vital things to remember about mold damage in your San Jose home is that it is preventable. You have to have the appropriate education about what to look for and the conditions that you need to prevent throughout your property, but mold growth is not an inevitability. Our SERVPRO technicians can help you to identify the presence of a colony and to remove it, but there are some things that you should be on the lookout for as well.

Mold spores exist in nearly every environment that you find yourself in from the areas inside of your house, to your workplace, to the car that you drive back and forth. One of the things that make mold growth such a persistent threat in itself is the impossibility of removing these spores entirely. Therefore, you should be mindful of areas within your house that are usually damp and moisture-ridden. Correcting these problem areas before the growth of a colony can save you time, money, and possibly even health effects.

When these colonies begin to form in areas that have met the conditions for the growth, you can expect certain symptoms to arise. The first of these is a harsh, musty odor. This scent is indicative of an active colony and can warn you of the presence of the organism even when you cannot see it. Another symptom is spotting, which becomes most easily distinguished on materials like drywall. If you see irregular spots forming on drywall in damp areas of your house, you should contact our SERVPRO remediation specialists immediately.

Our experts are ready 24/7 to help you diagnose a potential issue with mold growth or to begin the process of removing an active colony. Let our SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno specialists help you overcome this organism wherever you find it in your home. Call us today at (408) 600-2020.

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