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Monte Sereno Residents Deserve Reliable Flood Damage Restoration from Skilled Professionals

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles in front of SERVPRO building Our Green Fleet is ready to go to handle any flooding in Monte Sereno.

When You Require Help with Flooding After a Storm, SERVPRO is There to Address the Damage to Your Monte Sereno, CA, Home 

If you search for serenity and picturesque views, you will find it in Monte Sereno, CA. This town is situated on the western side of Santa Clara County along the stunning Santa Cruz Mountains base. Just minutes from San Jose, this is a town brimming with semi-rural flair and excellent community involvement. Even though it is one of the smaller populations within the County, Monte Sereno has roughly 4,000 residents that live within the 1.6 square miles. 

While there are no businesses located within the town, the region blends to bring you plenty of things to see and do within a very short driving distance. The landscape is made up of green views along the coast as well as lovely rolling hills. One of the most intriguing places to explore is an open space preserve in El Sereno, which includes 7.4 miles of trails that meander over 1,415 acres. 

Due to the makeup of the town of Monte Sereno, they share various elements with Los Gatos – including the police department, library, schools, and parks. The Santa Clara Valley region was settled around the start of the 1770s by non-natives, with this town being part of an 1839 land grant given to gentlemen known as Hernandez and Peralta. These two men have been said to have founded Los Gatos. 

One of the most famous past residents known to Monte Sereno is John Steinbeck, the author of the world-famous book entitled Of Mice and Men. In the middle of the 1950s, the region began to encounter tremendous growth, which some say seemed too rapid. To halt the expansion, Monte Sereno became fully incorporated in 1957, so it did not get annexed to a large city or neighboring Los Gatos. 

Exploring All That Monte Sereno, CA, Has to Offer

Nothing lacks in terms of sights to see or experience while in the Monte Sereno area. Whether you are an avid nature buff or you like to sample fine food and drink, you will know that you can fill your days and nights with plenty of chances to make memories. 

When it comes to local sights and museums, some of the best stops to make while in the area include: 

  • Lexington Reservoir County Park –This park spans 950 acres and rests just minutes from the populated areas within Santa Clara County. Here, you will find a human-made reservoir that offers 338 acres for shoreline fishing, as well as plenty of stunning landscapes to view and wildlife for which to look out. Visitors will also find picnic tables, a boat launch, and portable restroom facilities.
  • Whitney Modern –When you want to take in some fine art, Whitney Modern is a premier gallery located within Silicon Valley. This space often houses a broad range of exhibitions and art consultations, tours, and staging services available for new and established collectors and the promotion of fine art.
  • The CATS –If you want a unique stop, don't miss out on The CATS, which is an old-school venue that features old-school décor and two stone cats that grace the front entrance. Many people stop here for the chance to snap a picture or two, but there are also BBQ meat offerings as well as many live bands and other entertainment to be had at any given time. 

Dining and Beverages 

  • Philz Coffee is located on Blossom Hill Road, and it is the ultimate place to go for coffee, specialty brew, or a cup of tea. Grab a bite to eat and drink and relax in this quaint coffee shop or order snacks to take with you on the road.
  • Plumed Horse can be found on Big Basin Way and a great stop when you want to sample an eclectic menu of delicious eats. There is also an extensive wine menu to choose from and hand-crafted chocolates, and other specialties in the world-famous, on-site chocolaterie.
  • Billy's Boston Chowder House proves that you can have the taste of New England while visiting the sunny West Coast. Situated on East Main Street, this chowder house boasts menu items like New England "chowda," hot buttered "lobsta" rolls, and crispy English fish n' chips. 

The Way That You Handle Flood Damage After a Storm Determines the Amount of Loss Your Monte Sereno Home encounters 

Storms often happen without warning, leaving immense devastation in their wake. Rather than trying to take the burden on yourself with DIY methods, you can look to our skilled crew at SERVPRO to restore your Monte Sereno property to preloss condition. Whenever you have flooding after a storm, we arrive fast to help with board-up services, water extraction, and controlled demolition to get the build-back process going. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster, which gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you will be back to your routine as quickly as possible. 

Flood damage in Monte Sereno may come on after significant rainfall, including wind and debris issues. SERVPRO has the skills to tackle any flooding you are dealing with, including careful processes for handling water with potential contaminants such as: 

  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Microbial bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Chemicals
  • Silt and debris
  • Fecal matter
  • Vermin, and more 

We come in to perform an assessment that tells us the best way to proceed. Our crew handles each situation with detailed precision, making sure to wear all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep our team safe. Everything is cleaned and sanitized before we finish the project to ensure your family's safety and any pets living within the home. 

Flood damage is nothing that any homeowner should take lightly, which is where we come in at SERVPRO of Los Gatos/Monte Sereno. We have crews on standby to give you the confidence that skilled technicians will be available 24 hours to handle any emergency that you encounter. You can reach us by calling (408) 600-2020, and we will send out our Green Fleet to your property to begin the assessment.

Find Awe, Inspiration, and Expression in Los Gatos

11/14/2020 (Permalink)

art exhibit at museum Get "fired up" to visit the exhibits at the New Museum in Los Gatos--a friendly tip from SERVPRO

Residents of Los Gatos get into NUMU Free of Charge

NUMU, the nickname of the New Museum in Los Gatos, offers residents the mesmerizing opportunity to view local artists’ varied creations. While at NUMU, you are welcome to browse different exhibits. Other activities are also available to the public, many requiring only a small fee. You can call 408-354-2646 to find out more about NUMU’s upcoming events and exhibitions. Don't miss out on these very interesting creations.

In addition to browsing the galleries, NUMU invites patrons to take part in different activities.

  • Explorers’ Weekend, including private group sessions,
  • Merit badge activities for both Boy and Girl Scouts, and
  • MakerSpace workshops and classes.

SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno uses specialized methods to restore fire-damaged belongings, including fine art, ceramics, and other creative displays. Call (408) 600-2020 for professionals who care about making things “Like it never even happened,” for you.

Holiday Carriage Rides in Los Gatos

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

night view marquee with 'Los Gatos' in lights SERVPRO is looking forward to participating in local holiday celebrations.

Los Gatos Residences Enjoy a Romantic Way to Celebrate the Holidays 

The holidays are here, and even though activities are limited, some things still make the days special. An annual Los Gatos tradition is the Holiday Carriage Rides. It is a romantic event and like stepping back into time. An elegant horse-drawn carriage carries you through the town. Enjoy the sight of some of the most beautiful homes decorated for Christmas as you sit back and relax. 

Rides are available:

  • December 4 – 6, 2020 from 5:00 – 9:00 PM
  • December 10 – 13 from 5:00 – 9:00 PM
  • December 17 – 23 from 5:00 – 9:00 PM 

Your carriage ride starts in the Town Plaza. You can purchase your ride ahead of time and include hot chocolate and a cookie.  

Masks are required. The carriage holds up to six people from the same household and the cost is:

  • Adults (9 & up) - $30
  • Children (3-8) $10
  • Toddlers (2 & under) free 

SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno is proud to offer water damage restoration services. Contact us at (408) 600-2020 for more information. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Do Los Gatos Businesses Need to Do to Recover From Fire Damages?

10/31/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged property To recover your business quickly with a minimum loss of revenue after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Can Recover Losses in your Los Gatos Business. SERVPRO Can Send Professionally Trained and Certified Technicians to your Premises.

How are the damages in a fire loss site calculated?
As a premises manager of your Los Gatos business, you may be anxious to uncover the actual expense of a property fire. These losses can differ dramatically depending on the type of fire, the material inside the premises, and the length of time the building was burning. Smoke travels through a structure quickly, leaving behind unpleasant, and sometimes odorous, soot deposits. Extensive soot on walls, ceilings, surfaces, and inside desk drawers can lead to your business's temporary closure. SERVPRO offers a callout within four hours of your notification of loss to ensure restoration begins right away, and you can resume business with minimal interruption. A qualified commercial restoration service has both the experience and the resources to perform a thorough scoping of the property to calculate potential losses.

What is the scoping of a fire loss site?
A scoping procedure is the first step in commercial fire damage restoration of your Los Gatos business. This process helps us understand the extent of harm in the premises, how cleanable contents or structure is, and which materials must be discarded. Generally, we operate with at least a crew chief and a production technician to scope the property. In larger commercial properties, we may increase the workforce necessary to provide a time-efficient solution to your business interruption. Setting up a loss site for restoration and calculating the exact equipment, resources and time-frame are valuable for business owners who can then begin planning re-opening or inform staff of the issue. If you have any questions, our crew chiefs are more than happy to communicate with you throughout the restoration process.

What tasks are being carried out during the scoping procedure?
    •    Taking measurements of room sizes and areas of damage to enable correct calculation of equipment needs and resources.
    •    Testing surfaces for smoke residues can sometimes be tough to spot and measure the amount of smoke penetration.
    •    Using a dry cleaning sponge to pre-test surfaces for cleanability and assessing residues types- either dry or wet.

How do commercial restoration services reduce fire losses?
The value of hiring commercial restoration technicians for your business lies in the ability to mitigate secondary losses after a fire. Sometimes soot deposits may be highly acidic. Without timely intervention, these deposits can corrode the surfaces of non-porous materials like metals. These can be particularly expensive to replace and could include complex appliances, tools, or frameworks. Our technicians actively guard against corrosive smoke residues during the scoping of your business property by applying lubricants or wet cleaning detergents directly onto the material. Stainless steel cleaner can be a useful cleaning agent for controlling losses that affect appliances, ductwork, or framing in your business. These cleaning agents can also be used on faucets or trim work on the premises to protect them from secondary damages.

How are different smoke types assessed with a dry cleaning sponge?
    •    Light grey and black soils or residues could indicate dry smoke that can be vacuumed from the surface or removed using the dry cleaning sponge.
    •    Smoke residues that smear when wiping should be treated with caution as these indicate wet smokes that spread around with dry cleaning methods.
    •    Heavy oils or grease can often be detected by a dry-cleaning sponge and show where technicians need to apply oil-based solvents.

Do restoration services include content restoration?
SERVPRO technicians endeavor to restore both the structure and contents of your business. Similar to structural cleaning, contents technicians are looking for contrasts between affected and unaffected contents on your premises. These could include cosmetic issues to appliances, surfaces, cabinets, and desktops. Pre-testing can be valuable to the efficiency of restoration by allowing technicians to determine cleanable and non-cleanable items. Wiping away contrasts or outlines indicates that these items are restorable. When the object does not respond to pre-test cleaning, we may need to dispose of it and fit a replacement. The cost of replacement far exceeds the price of restoration. We operate with a restore over replace mentality to get your business back “Like it never even happened.”

What methods of contents restoration are useful for businesses?
    •    Semi-refinishing is a practical method of restoring hardwood surfaces or appliances but can be a time-consuming process.
    •    Polishing using furniture polish or creme can help with any wooden contents in your business. A compound cleaner can be useful for metals.
    •    Wet cleaning is an aggressive form of restoration that uses hot water combined with a detergent or cleaning agent to remove soils and grime.

To recover your business quickly with a minimum loss of revenue after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020.

Does Mold Destroy Floors and Carpets?

10/22/2020 (Permalink)

Moldy carpet If your home is overtaken by mold you need to call the professionals. Call SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

SERVPRO is a Los Gatos Mold Remediation Company that Can Rescue your Home from Microbial Infestation. 

Why does mold appear on carpets?

A moldy carpet or musty aroma in rooms of your Los Gatos home are indicators of microbial infestation. These tiny organisms can crop up from time to time in your home or during specific periods of the year. When microbial growth gets out of control, and you notice persistent odors or soiling, it may be necessary to bring in professional remediation. Moldy carpets can occur due to a moisture problem in the property, delamination of the carpet backing, a damp carpet pad,  an insulation issue, or a mold infestation in your building's assembly. SERVPRO technicians can deconstruct parts of your floor to assess and remediate potential mold growth issues.

What are the causes of concern with mold growth?

Mold can breakdown organic matter, which could lead to the deterioration of carpets or other materials in the home.

Microbial organisms reproduce and can spread from one area to another leading to a significant issue over time. 

Molds produce unpleasant soiling and noticeable odors that can affect your home's indoor air quality or condition.

Are moldy carpets repairable?

A mold remediation team can rescue your Los Gatos home and contents from further damage. Our first objective is to detach the carpet to inspect the floor assembly below and find the microbial growth issue's root cause. Floors typically contain a carpet, carpet pad, and a subfloor. The microbial growth issue could be coming from any one of these areas. Whether carpets are repairable depends on the length of exposure and the material of the carpet. Long-term exposure typically requires replacement of the pad and carpet. The primary method of preventing further cost is by correcting the home's moisture problem, which could be through drying or installing a vapor barrier in the subfloor. 

Does mold washout?

Early signs of mold can sometimes be removed from fabric using anti-microbial chemicals alongside a rotary machine to withdraw from the carpet.

Mechanical suspension washing afforded by Esporta washing machines can address light mold contamination.

Vinegar can be an effective deterrent against mold growth that helps to break down microbial stages of growth.

If you spot microbial growth in your home, do not hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600 2020.

Can Floods Cause Structural Damage To Your Los Gatos Home?

10/18/2020 (Permalink)

Flooding Bedroom Interior Each property is unique, which is why professional knowledge is necessary for efficient restoration.

Flood Damage Can be Devastatingly Destructive to your Los Gatos Home. SERVPRO is a Professional Restoration Service that Can Return it to Pre-flood Conditions.

Do building materials affect flood losses?
The construction of your Los Gatos home may contain some standard and some unique building materials. These materials can be adversely affected by sudden water exposure. Building and material sciences are developing fields that professional restoration technicians can reduce and recover losses after flooding. Our technicians can help avoid unwanted surprises during restoration by working from a robust base-line knowledge of how materials are affected by water. Our ability to identify assembly and materials helps to place a strategic demo and drying strategy to recover your home after flooding.

Can a building affect the drying of a property?
    •    Tight building envelopes allow technicians greater control over drying conditions.
    •    A moderate envelope has some influence from outdoors, which can affect drying.
    •    Loose envelopes are tough to dry due to an inability to control conditions.

What are building envelopes, and how do they affect drying?
The type of building envelope can affect the extent of flood damage in your Los Gatos home. Building envelopes are what separates indoors from outdoors. These may include roofs, ceilings, doors, foundations, floors, and exterior walls. Water migration is a real factor in flood losses, with looser envelopes allowing for more significant migration and an increased chance of condensation damages. Buildings with good insulation and tight structural design are generally quicker to dry because equipment like furnaces and dehumidifiers are more effective. SERVPRO can address looser structural design by creating smaller drying chambers in the property.

What other aspects of a home can affect drying?
    •    Fireplaces as well as exhaust vents that may be found in kitchens or bathrooms
    •    Plumbing and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems
    •    Air exchange systems and gas appliances

Each property is unique, which is why professional knowledge is necessary for efficient restoration. Contact SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020.

Can Homeowners Prevent a Leaky Skylight?

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

two skylights set in a shingled roof Skylights in Monte Sereno Roofs Often Leak. What to Do? Call SERVPRO for Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration. "Like it never even happened."

Monte Sereno Residents Can Prevent Skylight Leaks with a Few Simple Precautions

Monte Sereno is a unique city with just over 3,000 residents. It has no commercial zoning and is primarily single-family dwellings. Like many Californians, the residents are sun lovers. Skylights allow sunshine into homes but can also have a problem with leaking.

How Difficult is it to Repair a Skylight Leak?

Skylights are a beautiful part of many homes. They can increase the value of the home while letting light shine throughout the house. But if they are not sealed properly, they can become a homeowner’s nightmare. Skylights can sometimes be challenging to repair when there is moisture seepage. The older the skylight, the more likely it is to have problems. Newer built products are less likely to leak, but it can still occur. This can lead to the need for professional water mitigation services in Monte Sereno. Signs you may have water damage can include:

  • Dripping from the skylight
  • Discoloration of the drywall around it
  • Water stains on the ceiling or walls
  • Nearby ceiling tiles crumbling
  • Musty smell or physical signs of mold in the area

Finding the source of water is vital. There can be many reasons for a leaking skylight.

Check the Roof

It is possible that the skylight might not be the problem; it could be your roof. The moisture caused by the weather could be infiltrating damaged roof tiles. Having your roof inspected annually for loose or damaged shingles can help prevent this problem.

Improper Sealing May Be the Issue

This is one of the typical reasons for skylight leaks. Anytime a skylight is not sealed correctly, you are going to end up with problems. Re-caulking can prevent water intrusion. Flashing prevents water from seeping in, and leaks can result when it needs replacing.

Cracks in the Skylight

Anything wears with age, and a skylight is no different. Age can cause cracking, which leads to water damage. Falling debris can also impact the glass. When this happens, the window needs to be replaced.

Indoor Condensation

Many times, skylights get placed in bathrooms. Showers can cause warm, damp air to rise and come in contact with the cool skylight. The result is moisture droplets form and drips back down into the room. You can prevent this problem by:

  • Turning on a bathroom fan when showering
  • Cracking a window if no fan is available
  • Use a dehumidifier in the home
  • Check for improper installation
  • Improve the insulation around the skylight

Understanding Water Damage

If your skylight allows moisture to come into your home, it can cost quite a bit to mitigate the damage. Household items could be ruined, and you may end up needing professional water restoration. Your ceiling and walls can be affected by the leak. If the moisture gets behind the walls, hidden water damage such as mold can occur.

Can SERVPRO Restore My Ceiling & Walls?

Our technicians handle ceiling and wall water damage regularly. They assess each situation and apply the needed techniques to repair and restore the impacted areas.  If your ceiling has tiles, it is often more cost-effective to replace the tiles than to restore them. Moisture can cause them to bow and have stains even if dried. The tiles may need to be removed even if not affected so that air can circulate and help with drying.

If the walls contain several layers of sheetrock, it may need extended drying times. If the sheetrock is saturated, it can take 5 – 7 days to dry. Several layers can take longer. But if the damage is minimal controlled demolition can replace the areas where the water has done the most damage.  While working, SERVPRO techs use penetrating moisture probes to ensure all layers are dry, not just the surface.

Can You Clean My Carpets While Here?

SERVRPRO offers routine carpet cleaning and maintenance. We have several options for carpet cleaning. They include:

Bonnet Cleaning – The least aggressive cleaning method and is used for light soiling. It’s a quick-drying method that works well on a low cut pile or low-level loop carpets.

Shampoo Method – Shampooing is a very good maintenance cleaning technique. It works well on light to moderate soiling and low cut pile carpets.

Hot Water Extraction – This is a deep cleaning process typically involved in restorative cleaning. The cleaning solution is heated and pumped through a portable extractor or a truck-mounted one.

Deluxe Preconditioner and Rinse – This cleans more thoroughly than hot water extraction alone. For moderate to heavy soiling when restoring carpets.

Showcase Cleaning – This is the most effective carpet cleaning process used by professionals. It can clean the heaviest soiling. It involves using a cleaning process on the carpet twice.

If you find yourself needing professional water mitigation due to a leaky skylight or some other problem, we have the experience, expertise, and equipment to restore your home to preloss condition.

Contact SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020 quality water mitigation service. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Long Does Restoration of a Business Premises Take after Water Intrusion?

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

modern carpeted office open plan Rely on SERVPRO to Mitigate Water Damage to Your Los Gatos Modern Office with Rapid Extraction and Drying

SERVPRO can Mobilize Commercial Water Restoration Technicians for Los Gatos Businesses to Provide Expert Assistance after a Water Emergency.

Is restoration the same as mitigation?

Mitigation focuses on establishing emergency controls at your Los Gatos business to prevent further losses. A water leak could cause significant damage to the decor and fittings present in the company in a busy restaurant. SERVPRO can contain losses by setting up a swift drying protocol for the property. This drying procedure may prevent further migration of moisture into the subfloor or avoid water stagnation from causing a microbial growth concern. Mitigation controls potential losses, while the restoration is the process of reversing the existing damage. That same water leak may soak carpets or spread grime. We can dry the carpet, extract moisture, and clean it to a preloss condition.

What is commercial restoration?

  • Returning a business to its normal, preloss condition "Like it never even happened."
  • Reinstalling carpets or cleaning contents
  • Performing repairs on structural elements like subfloors that may suffer damage

What items are repairable or restorable in a Los Gatos business premises?

Carrying out commercial water restoration in your Los Gatos business relies on strong knowledge of what is possible to restore. While a wet carpet may seem beyond repair, with careful detaching, drying, and conditioning, it may have a strong chance of returning to a preloss condition. An insurance adjuster can make decisions regarding which items need replacing. It can often be more time and cost-efficient to carry out repairs rather than resorting to replacements.

How do you return the business premises to a normal condition?

  • By repairing structure and contents
  • Removing any equipment and returning contents
  • Final cleaning and inspection of the loss site with a crew chief

Re-opening your business is essential to controlling revenue losses. Contact SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020.

Why Is Safety So Important During Flood Water Removal in Los Gatos?

9/6/2020 (Permalink)

flooded laundry room with items floating around Ensuring your house is clear of water after a flood is a hard job. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation and mitigation services for your home.

How Los Gatos Residents Can Avoid Health Hazards During Flood Water Removal

No one in Los Gatos wants to think about a natural disaster overcoming their home. Unfortunately, natural disasters are a fact of life, and you cannot always avoid them. Thankfully SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help when something goes wrong.

Flood water removal in Los Gatos is a job for the professionals. Health and safety is a primary concern when removing flood water from a property.

Why is safety essential during water removal?

Flooding brings about many hazards:

  • Water can soak into plaster and drywall and make a building unsafe
  • Tiles might become loose, or windows might break
  • Floodwater can contain nasties such as bacteria, viruses, and even sewage
  • Moisture means a risk of mold growth shortly

What does SERVPRO do to stay safe?

Our extensive training program includes safety awareness to ensure our technicians know how to handle any situation. Securing your property is vital, which is why we:

  • Carry out a thorough assessment
  • Board up doors and windows if needed
  • Bring in safe emergency electricity supplies if we require power
  • Remove hanging or buckling plaster and drywall

We also outfit our teams with plenty of personal protective equipment.

How can I protect my family during flood water removal?

The best advice is to get your family to a place of shelter. Do not attempt to carry out repairs or cleanup yourself – it is better to rely on the professionals. 

Our teams will advise you about safety and what steps we plan to take when we arrive. Please listen carefully to our advice, and ask any questions you may have. We are always here for you.

Can you help with structural damage?

Yes, we can. If your home needs structural repair such as replacing drywall, roof repairs, or replacement windows, we can help. Depending on the situation at hand, we will either carry out repairs or bring in outside contractors. We train and supervise outside workers to ensure their work is of the high standard we demand from our employees.

For help with flood water removal, call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020.

Click here for more information about Los Gatos.

How Should I Schedule The Cleanup Of Items Affected By Water Exposure?

8/29/2020 (Permalink)

Water leaking and flooded on wood parquet floor Call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020 to help schedule and run the cleanup process appropriately for the best outcome.

SERVPRO Has Sufficient Experience Handling Water Cleanup Exercises in Los Gatos Homes Making It Easier to Identify Priority Items

Water intrusion into your Los Gatos home can affect contents in different ways, including staining, soiling, or exposure to undesirable substances, thus necessitating cleaning. Since household items made from a wide range of materials and finishes, the outcomes from moisture exposure and soiling vary. The response you choose after discovering the situation is the only variable determinant of the outcome. Confusion on what items to clean first is common in such situations.

Which procedures are necessary for content cleanup?
Water cleanup involving contents in Los Gatos homes can require a wide range of techniques depending on the level of soiling, the materials composition of items, and the urgency involved. SERVPRO is well versed in general as well as advanced cleaning techniques.  We use various approaches to deal with any soiling, staining or contamination, “Like it never even happened,” including:

    •    Hot water extraction
    •    Shampooing
    •    Damp wiping
    •    Spray and wipe
    •    Immersion techniques

Cleanup also involves moisture management since extended exposure to water can cause various forms of deterioration. We use techniques such as air-drying or dehumidification to remove wetness from materials faster compared to letting them dry on their own.

What aspects play a big role in setting up a cleanup schedule?
    •    Rush items
    •    Vulnerability to moisture
    •    The expected level of deterioration
    •    Specialty items

Rush items is a general category encompassing items that you need to use urgently. They can be personal items such as clothes or utility items such as furniture. When you notify our SERVPRO crew chief of your desire to access specific items, we evaluate them to ascertain the best mitigation procedure, whether it is washing, rinsing, or expediting drying so that they can be ready for use in the desired time.

Although various materials are vulnerable to extended moisture exposure, the speed or levels of resulting damages vary. For instance, mold can develop on the surfaces of wooden items, but it can take days for significant damage from such growth to take root. On the other hand, dyes on fabrics such as upholstery covers can run and cause severe damage within minutes or hours. When our technicians evaluate your items, we prioritize the cleanup of items likely to develop severe damage if left unaddressed over more extended periods.

Which items require specialty cleaning?
    •    Artworks such as canvas paintings
    •    Musical instruments such as pianos
    •    Electronics or other appliances

Although cleaning helps reverse or reduce damages, it can have the opposite effect on some items. Such items require specialized cleaning procedures more than a speedy response to guarantee a positive outcome. Setting such items aside until the necessary resources are available is the best approach.

If you own some musical instruments, then you are aware that they are made up of a wide range of small parts, including strings, valves, and keys, so it is easy for something to go wrong in the process of cleaning the item. Paintings, on the other hand, can flake or develop other imperfections. Our technicians can take protective actions, including storing some items in freezing conditions or temperatures above the dew point, thus providing an opportunity to delay the cleaning until an expert is available or allowing safe transfer of the items.

What determines whether contents require onsite or off-site cleaning?
    •    The level of water damage at the property
    •    The size of the items
    •    Storage area available at the loss site

If the intruding water covers a vast portion of your property, it might be difficult to clean or store items within the same property. Our SERVPRO crews can evacuate the contents to an off-site facility for storage as we remove the water in your property. We can also perform cleaning and other restoration procedures at the off-site facility.

Item size can pose some obstacles to the cleaning processes. It is easy to misplace small items during cleaning or movement. On the other hand, bulky items such as furniture or musical items such as pianos require significant moving logistics for convenience and prevention of damages. Our technicians evaluate the item sizes and level of damage before deciding whether to move or clean them at the loss site.

Cleaning your Monte Sereno, Cambrian Park, or Lexington Hills home after water damage incidents is a delicate process since some of your actions can worsen the damage. Call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020 to help schedule and run the cleanup process appropriately for the best outcome. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.