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Tackling the Water Damage in Your Los Gatos Commercial Space

1/21/2020 (Permalink)

Drywall cut from a wall with SERVPRO equipment on the floor. Your Los Gatos water damage can take a toll on your business, let us remove the stress off your plate.

Let SERVPRO help you through your Los Gatos commercial water loss, we will show you the way.

You already have a lot on your plate when running your business, so the last thing you need is to think about delegating tasks when faced with water damage. Because an unexpected disaster can happen at any time, you will find that keeping SERVPRO’s contact information handy ensures that you get the timely results you need. 

Commercial water damage in Los Gatos is one of the most common disasters that impacts local businesses. SERVPRO utilizes an Emergency READY Profile Plan--ERP-- to help you speed up the restoration process. Once this Plan is put into place, we have an open line of communication so that we can serve your business best throughout the crisis.

It is vital to spring into action to begin drying after a flood or water leak in your commercial space. Damp conditions eventually destroy building materials that could have otherwise been salvaged if addressed sooner. SERVPRO technicians remove any standing water after your commercial space suffers water loss. 

If you had a leak with your plumbing, we refer to the ERP to determine the best openings and entryways for using extraction equipment, dehumidifiers, and air movers. Proper placement enhances performance levels, helping SERVPRO technicians ensure that the air, structural materials, and all contents are dried adequately.

In addition to extraction equipment and water removal tools, our technicians use a variety of devices to detect, measure, and remove moisture throughout your commercial space. No moisture must be left behind, as it can create the perfect climate for dangerous mold and mildew growth. Along with moisture detection and restoration, we leave no stone unturned and make sure that all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected after the drying process is complete.

Do you need to make sure that your commercial space gets back to normal quickly after getting hit with water damage? There is no task that is too big or too small for our trained experts at SERVPRO of Los Gatos. Once you call us for emergency service at (408) 600-2020, we send out a team as quickly as possible to start the assessment and restoration process.  

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How to Handle Water Damage Challenges in Los Gatos With Ease

1/5/2020 (Permalink)

puddle of water on living room floor Regardless of the type of flooring that sustained the water damage, contact team SERVPRO for effective remediation services right away.

Better Handling of Unexpected Water Damage Incidents in Los Gatos  

Water spills are expected to cause damage if materials in the affected area are porous or susceptible to water damage in other ways. Water loss incidents readily damage carpets, wood, and composite materials, but vinyl and ceramic or stone tiles can withstand the effects of such incidents. However, damages can affect the resilient materials too.

Damage to Vinyl Floors

You might not feel worried about water damage in your Los Gatos home if you have a vinyl floor because the moisture does not affect the material. However, depending on how the Vinyl Composite Tiles are installed, problems may develop. The two standard installation methods are gluing-down or snapping them together. Moisture can affect the adhesives holding down the tiles damaging the floor. Our SERVPRO technicians use non-penetrative moisture meters to check for the presence of moisture below the surface. We also check whether the glues holding the tiles may contain asbestos.

Signs of Trouble

Damages to such floors manifest in different ways. For example, when water migrates through vinyl tiles installed over concrete, it comes up with a chalky residue. For tiles installed over particleboard, plywood, or Celotex underlayment, you might notice an increased occurrence of squeaking because of warping or other imperfections on the subfloor. In most cases, our SERVPRO technicians have to replace the tiles in the affected areas and dry the subfloor.

Damage to Stone and Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are made from a wide range of materials, including stone, glass, or ceramic. There are other varieties like quarry tiles and Terra Cotta. Damage to such floors depends on the underlying subfloor. If there is moisture intrusion, there might be a need to remove the tiles to take care of the subfloor. Alternatively, our SERVPRO technicians use specialized drying procedures, which rely on high temperatures and low humidity. We can use a negative pressure system or drying mats.

Water can damage the unexpected in your Monte Sereno, Cambrian, or ParkLexington Hills home. Call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020 to help manage such an incident, "Like it never even happened."

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Residential Flood Damage in Los Gatos

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

flooding caused damage to home Contact SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020.

Using Quiet Electric Submersible Pumps for Residential Flood Damage in Los Gatos

Flooding can have a debilitating effect on your everyday life. In the worst-case scenarios, you may even have to temporarily relocate during restoration if the structure of your home becomes unsafe or is at risk of further flooding. However, it is often possible to stay in your home while recovery takes place. Staying in the property can pose its problems as water removal equipment, and drying procedures can be noisy. It can stretch beyond a month to get your home back to the way it was before the flood.

Most homeowners seek out professional flood damage restoration services here in Los Gatos. Local providers have an advantage as they can arrive at the property quickly and return regularly to measure the effectiveness of the drying procedure. One drawback of using regional companies is that they may lack the resources, equipment, or expertise to perform their role to your standards. At SERVPRO, we use local technicians with the backing of national resources. By doing so, we can provide qualified technicians with state-of-the-art equipment to this community.

Pumping standing water out of your home is an essential mitigation task. Water migrates, it is heavy, and it can absorb into materials or degrade with long-term exposure. All of these factors can lead to permanent losses in your home. However, there is a litany of different pumping equipment, with each one having its benefits and drawbacks. Being able to choose the correct equipment for the right job can speed up a restoration service. SERVPRO technicians stock self-priming trash pumps, high-pressure pumps, and electric submersible pumps.

In flooding scenarios, the most common pump we use is the electric submersible pump. Electric submersible pumps are useful because they do not suffer from suction lift limitations. These pumps are waterproof and adaptable, coming in either portable or truck-mount. For a homeowner, electric submersible pumps are the least invasive. Electric motors are significantly quieter than petrol motors; however, if there are solids, we may need to use trash pumps to get the job done.

We aim to get your property back to its best with minimum inconvenience to you. Contact SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020.

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We Are Available 24/7 To Restore Your Los Gatos Home After A Water Damage Disaster

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

Air movers working in a room in this house drying it after a water damage disaster Air movers working on drying a damaging water mishap in this home. We act fast to prevent further damage and make your home safe to live in again.

Small Leak, Big Problem

Sometimes a leak seems insignificant and easy to resolve. Something as simple as a bathroom with older plumbing with a small but continuous leak can be enough to invite a more significant issue into your home. The gradual saturation of your walls and floors may seem inconsequential, but in reality, it carries an enormous threat. Repairing the actual pipe may not be enough to protect your home from water damage, which is why reaching out to a professional service specialized in water restoration jobs is the smart thing to do.

If you are unsure of the extent of water damage to your home in Los Gatos, reach out to SERVPRO for our expert opinion. Our specialized team is available 24/7 to respond to your emergency. By calling, you gain access to our certified training and expertise, all devoted to restoring your home as soon as possible. Reach out to us before the damage escalates and causes further loss of time and money.

An important consideration when dealing with water damage is the nature of the water itself. The best scenario occurs when the leak is clean water because it is the least contaminated and the lesser threat to your health. However, even clean water can become a breeding ground for microbes, which is why it is so important to clean it up quickly. When gray water is the culprit (for example, water from bathtubs, toilets, or sinks), fungi may grow exponentially and trigger allergies or other reactions. In most extreme cases, black water can carry debris, human waste, and even chemicals, and this poses the most significant threat to your well-being. The common thread through these types of water is that bacteria are always present and needs elimination. Our SERVPRO crew is an expert in identifying the type of water and applying cleaning methods to resolve the situation.

SERVPRO of Los Gatos/Monte Sereno is an expert in water cleanup and restoration. With our help, water damage becomes a thing of the past. Call us at (408) 600-2020 and invite us into your home. Together, we can leave your house, “Like it never even happened.”

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Is Water Damage Clipping into Profits in Your Los Gatos Salon?

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

various pieces of hair styling equipment SERVPRO can quickly remove standing water so that you can keep you salon open and styling hair.

When a Hose Springs a Leak, Your Los Gatos Salon Needs Commercial Water Removal from SERVPRO 

When your patrons visit your Los Gatos salon for a nail or hair appointment, they expect an immaculately clean environment. There are many warnings online about the health effects experienced by substandard hygiene in such settings, and many people fear contracting something from one of your earlier clients. Cleaning individual stations is not enough when a water leak affects the entire salon. 

What your now-soaked salon in Los Gatos needs are commercial water removal specialists. SERVPRO is always ready to get things cleaned up and looking their best again. Our Green Fleet arrives at your salon, packed with the equipment we need to get the water extracted, and the interior and contents dry. 

Immediately after a mishap with a water line occurs, calling SERVPRO for mitigation reduces associated problems significantly. You decrease the risk of loss to your product inventory, your equipment, and your store, eliminate slip and fall hazards, and might stay open instead of temporarily closing. We understand you need to minimize disruptions for as many clients as possible and assure your stylists and nail technicians about the situation's future. 

We design everything we do after removing standing water to remove any moisture absorbed into or trapped within the grout of your tiled floor, undersides of counters, and inside any upholstery or metal tubing of your stations' chairs. Drying these thoroughly and deodorizing, as well as applying protective emollients or oils where needed, restores everything “Like it never even happened.” 

Any openings around the base of chairs and other fixed equipment let water seep underneath. Although you cannot view this moisture, we need to get it removed, so damage to the area does not worsen and cause structural problems. Weak floors can pose a danger to your clients, provide habitable conditions for mold, or damage the surface of your tile floor. 

Losing the products sold to clients can hurt your profits, and replacing them causes your capital to dwindle. Barcode scanners make inventory tasks faster and more accurate. Cleaning up product samples and small items packaged wholly in plastic or metal containers can reduce further losses. 

We strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations when providing you with commercial water removal services. Call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020 right after an emergency in Monte Sereno, Cambrian Park, and Lexington Hills. 

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How Flood Damage Leads to Mold Damage in Los Gatos

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

 Mold growing behind wallpaper Water damage, left unattended, can cause mold growth. Don’t let this happen to your home! We can remediate the water and mold damage.

Flood and Mold Go Hand in Hand in Los Gatos

The unpredictability of the weather has become commonplace in California. It seems like we can be fighting floods at the same time fires are raging nearby. Whether it is fire or flood damage, homeowners must be alert and ready to act as soon as disaster strikes. Understanding the path to home restoration and the role a professional crew plays is key to mitigating both emotional and material losses. Knowing whom to approach in case of emergency is the responsibility of the property owner and essential in protecting your home.

Flood damage in Los Gatos is well within the scope of what we do at SERVPRO. Our technicians train with industry experts to anticipate the cumulative deterioration a flood can cause, and we turn our expertise into an action plan for your home. Understanding the principles behind water extraction and drying techniques allow us to be effective in restoring your home. Our staff is available around the clock.  As soon as it is safe to deploy, all you need to do is call us.

An essential consequence of flooding is the presence of mold. Increased humidity makes a friendly environment for mold to multiply, which is why our SERVPRO team attempts to manage moisture levels as soon as possible. Many ignore the temperature and the presence of organic materials. Both contribute to the proliferation of mold and need attention. A mere 12 hours is enough time for mold spores to multiply, and colonies can form in as little as 24 hours. Every minute that water is left standing is another minute for bacteria to grow and compromise the structure of your home and your possessions. To avoid health repercussions, all humans dwelling in your home should wear personal protective equipment, so microbes do not enter the body.

There are real repercussions to flood damage, and sometimes it is invisible to the average homeowner. Our staff at SERVPRO of Los Gatos/ Monte Sereno is an expert at addressing your restoration needs after an unfortunate event. All you need to do is call us at (408) 600-2020 and let us dispatch a crew to your home. Together, we can make it look, “Like it never even happened.”

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Water damage to your Los Gatos home.

11/25/2019 (Permalink)

A dinning room with SERVPRO equipment on the floor.  Water can spread to many unexpected areas of your Los Gatos residence. Let SERVPRO help you.

Removing Water from Unexpected Places in your Los Gatos home. 

When a water line breaks, or a pipe bursts, you are often left with removing water from your home. It seems easy enough to get rid of excess water, but moisture has a way of hiding throughout your home in unexpected places. Excess water can hide behind baseboards, in cabinets, and even under flooring. Excess moisture hanging in the air of your home can also lead to secondary damage.

Water removal in your Los Gatos home won't be as complicated if you use a professional service. SERVPRO technicians are experts in removing water and moisture from any home and are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Disasters don't always happen during business hours, and time is of the essence when you are removing water in your home. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

While you wait for the professionals at SERVPRO to arrive, you can try to remove as much water as possible from the spill site. Blotting with old towels or rags can remove some of the water to help reduce the risk of additional damage. If you have air conditioning, turn it on to keep air circulating through the home. You can also move any valuables or electrical cords off the floor to prevent more damage. While doing this, be sure to wear gloves. Even if the water looks clean, it could have contamination with bacteria or dangerous sludge. 

When the SERVPRO technicians arrive, they begin to extract the water by making as many passes over the impacted area as it takes to dry out the flooring in your home. After they remove the maximum amount of water, they use air movers to direct air toward places where water could hide. The air moves at such a high velocity that it enhances quick evaporation. At the same time, the technicians set up industrial-strength dehumidifiers to take away excess moisture. 

With the combined effort of the air movers and dehumidifiers, air circulates throughout the room and decreases the humidity levels. The humidity levels need to be below 50% to ensure there are no issues after the cleanup, such as mold infestations or foul odors. 

If your home needs water removal in Los Gatos, contact SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno for prompt help at (408) 600-2020. We make it, "Like it never even happened."

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Give Us A Call Anytime You Need Restoration Services In Los Gatos

11/18/2019 (Permalink)

A floor with water damage in a home We have experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Scoping Los Gatos Water Loss Incidents for Efficient Recovery

Our involvement in water loss incidents that threaten Los Gatos homes can help to save customers time and money, primarily because of the effective tactics we utilize. Among the first steps that we take is to identify the full measure of the damage and what can be done to correct it, and this involves a blend of information provided by the job site, the property owner, and sophisticated tools our technicians can use. 

The initial assessment of water damage in Los Gatos homes is a thorough representation of the full migration of water and saturation. We seek to identify precise outer edges of the spread of these effects throughout your household, and by doing so, can better work to reduce moisture content and protect installed construction materials from requiring removal. 

To successfully learn the full scope of the water damage to your residence, our SERVPRO team arrives with advanced technology and discovery devices. Depending on the situation and the severity of the present loss incident, we can utilize multiple tools to identify the reach of the moisture and the ideal approach to restore and dry up these effects. 

  • Moisture Sensors – These are primarily used for carpet and padding moisture, as it uses probes that can determine the migration of saturation and whether the subflooring material has become compromised. These units can detect where moisture exists, but cannot measure the concentration. 
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras (Infrared Imagery) – These are portable detection devices that can quickly evaluate the extent of present moisture in building materials. They are ideal for identifying moisture you might otherwise never see and can help to double-check the success of drying efforts.
  • Moisture Meters – Available in penetrating and non-penetrating models, moisture meters are available in various types and functions. We can utilize devices calibrated for specific affected materials that can quickly identify the moisture content of these materials. 

Identifying the extent of damage with these sophisticated tools can allow our SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno team to utilize the right drying methods quickly to protect your property. Give us a call anytime you need us at (408) 600-2020.

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Winning Tactics for Commercial Damage Remediation in Los Gatos

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

restaurant bar with beer tap Water damage in a bar or restaurant is always a possibility. Have SERVPRO on speed dial for emergencies.

Call SERVPRO When Your Los Gatos Bar Suffers Water Damage 

Having your business interrupted by water damage is nothing any entrepreneur wants to suffer. However, developing a plan of action, in case of an emergency, is a wise choice for any business owner. Imagine a scenario where a pipe bursts on your property. What do you do? Whom do you call? Thinking ahead and making sure you have a general idea of what to do is the best thing that you can do for your property. 

Picture that the water supply line to one of the sinks, inside your bar, breaks and causes water damage to your Los Gatos property. Water spills out onto the floor and soaks the tile. The wall behind the sink becomes adequately soaked as well. In this situation, the best thing you can do to get your business back open as soon as possible is to call for professional help. 

Here at SERVPRO, we understand how vital your foot traffic is to you. A day closed is a day of revenue lost. For this reason, no matter what time the damage inside of your bar happens, we're open and ready to help you. Our schedule is your schedule. 

Our SERVPRO techs are highly trained and certified with the Institution of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC.) When you call us, we can rush to your location and get to work right away, using advanced equipment to help make our work go even faster. We can begin by removing any standing water using extractors and wet/dry vacuums. From there, we can help you take inventory of everything in the bar and then help you reach out to an electrician who can check to make sure the electronics behind your bar have not been damaged. 

From there, SERVPRO can bring in drying equipment, such as heaters, dehumidifiers, and axial fans, and set them up around the area. We use these tools to ensure that the moisture levels are returned to an adequate level. Once our work is done, we can return your bar to you, hopefully as if the damage never happened in the first place. 

If your business suffers sudden water damage, never wait. Communicate with SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno by dialing (408) 600-2020. No matter when you call, our techs are ready to help you. 

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Proper Drying Is Crucial After A Flood In Your Los Gatos Home

10/26/2019 (Permalink)

Mold and moisture buildup on wall of a house Drying a property fully helps eliminate many problems, including microbial growth.

Steps That Ensure Proper Drying After Flood Damage Affects Your Los Gatos Property

If your property floods, you can expect a myriad of issues. However, wet materials and contents are likely the most significant challenges you might face. Ensuring your property dries fully is, therefore, an essential step in the restoration of flood damage. You must perform several steps to achieve the intended outcome, which is why it is crucial to involve a professional restorer like SERVPRO.

Thorough Water Extraction
Standing water causes a significant percentage of the flood damage affecting your Los Gatos property. Faster removal paves the way for other drying processes and also limits the extent of secondary damages that occur. Extracting water requires the right equipment. Our SERVPRO crews carry a wide range of water removal pumps, including self-priming trash pumps that remove water mixed debris. We also remove carpets and other porous materials covering surfaces to minimize the amount of moisture left over after the extraction process.

Ventilating the Property
For contents and building materials to dry, the moisture they absorb from floodwaters must evaporate into the air. Ventilating the property helps improve the drying process by ensuring the humidity levels in the air do not reach saturation levels. Our SERVPRO technicians use different approaches to help ensure this. For example, instead of opening windows and doors in the name of ventilating the home, we prefer a closed system whereby we use air movers to boost evaporation and dehumidifiers to regulate the humidity levels. We also create drying chambers for areas such as hardwood floors, which might require special attention.

Managing the Level of Wetness in Materials
It is possible to leave the drying process halfway done unintentionally, which can have grave consequences later on.  Some materials might be dry on the surface while moisture is still trapped deep inside.  Instead of casual observation, our SERVPRO technicians use various moisture detection equipment, including moisture meters with probes, to verify that all materials are dry to average moisture levels. For example, we check whether the moisture level in wood drops to around 10%, which is standard dryness.

Drying a property fully helps eliminate many problems, including microbial growth. Call SERVPRO of Los Gatos / Monte Sereno at (408) 600-2020 to help deal with the moisture issues from flooding, “Like it never even happened.”

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